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I am not at war with anyone - AJE NLA

I am not at war with anyone - AJE NLA 

We are in a time of civil and political unrest and almost everyone is picking a side,  many people are joini them too because of social pressure. 

I did my video content and my choice of language was English, I received more than a hundred call from people saying I am using the colonial language to speak about what is cogent and important especially when am talking about Yoruba tradition etc. 

I replied them and say,  I am not at war with anybody. If you think you have issue with the white or anybody or nation, please go and fight them, don't drag me into what doesn't concern me. 

If you think the colonial master had offended your ancestors  ,go to war and fight for your dead ancestors since they can't fight for themselves. 

I know my ancestor through EGUN and have settled issue with them, don't drag me with what has happened in history long time ago. Those who took part in such atrocities are probably paying badly in their reincarnation. 

I know many of you Babalawo and the rest doesn't believe in such, you have IFA but you are blind and deaf to the truth. 

Now listen, OSUN was recorded in the Holy book of ODU IFA has the wife of ORUNMILA, the same OSUN was Also recorded as the wife of SANGO. 

This shows that OSUN reincarnated more than once and she live her life more than once. Nobody can tell when next she is coming back to this world again. 

Enough on the issue of reincarnation because I believe you have learnt something. 

Am a mega mind of my own that I enjoyed the company of myself more than with anyone. 

I am not interested in Politics, neither do I love politicians. 

Politicians are all greedy, only looking for a fool to play as their bait. 

I don't join conversation like the current issue on who owns LAGOS etc, I believe it is the Job of the political party and the Kings to do that and if they failed in doing it no problem.  When the people are pushed to the wall they would turn back and create a revolution but it is not my concern. 

IFA tradition is like love, it knows no boundaries neither does it choose a side. 

Being a spiritualist am always on the neutral and my major focus is on spiritual matters not what is happening because by joining them or saying anything about it, I  inviting trouble cause the people who started it have a motive for doing it and those motive would not be explained or exposed to the public. The public Is just carried away and they would be the scape goat for interfering with matters that concern them not. 

Understanding this principle makes it hard for me to join any social blunders and what so ever. 

If you think you have issues with me, please resolve it within yourself because I am not your enemy.

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