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If you eat forbidden things as Omo Omi, this is what will happen

If you eat forbidden things as Omo Omi, this is what will happen


If you are Omo Omi are you are not supposed to eat some food items and you went ahead to eat it, what will happen.

You will be suspended in your egbe orun for a month or a year depending on the leader of the egbe orun.

You will loose some spiritual power and you will be weak, vulnerable to some evil forces because you have eaten the taboo.

You might not have any man to marry you or call you because they would deal with you badly.

If this continues, they might chase you out of the egbe orun for not taking it seriously and when you want to redo your initiation,they would request for a Cow which is an act of punishment.

You don't want to disobey the rules of egbe Orun and Omo Omi.

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