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Incantations and it's purpose in Herbal Medicine

Incantations and it's purpose in Herbal Medicine

As well as using  bitter plants  to kill germs and worms,  Yorùbá herbalists  also use incantation ( ofo ) in medicines to bring good luck(awure), money or love.

Medicinal incantations are in some ways like the praise songs  addressed to human beings or gods: their purpose is to awaken  the power of the ingredients hidden in the medicine. 

Most medicinal incantations use a form  of word-play, similar to punning , to evoke the properties of the plants implied by the name of the plant.

Yorùbá traditionalists claim in their oratory history that Orunmilla taught the people the customs  of divination, dance , prayer, symbolic gestures, personal and communal elevation.

 They believe he also advised his people on spiritual baths, inner reflection, and herbal medicine in particular. 

The Ifa Corpus is considered to be the foundation of the traditionalist herbology.

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