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Internet and the confusion it brings to spirituality

Internet and the confusion it brings to spirituality 

Everyone is now a spiritual Father and Mother.  Everyone wants to cash out from spirituality. 

While I have tried to run away from being a spiritual Father / Babalawo, I saw myself entangled in it and I have tried to remain focus and not money hungry by doubling my hustle in other fields of life. 

Everyone now has internet and post whatever they feels like, everyone now has master in spiritual affairs. 

What you don't know is that, eVryone one blessed with a power or gift knows them self directly or indirectly. 

Those who are in the spiritual issue are always authenticated and approve by those  Orisa who are keeping the balance. While those who are not authenticated will face one or two life challenges and eventually dies like a dog or chicken because they would be tested, they would be called upon for spiritual verification. Something like, who gave you the authority to do this? Whose wing are you?  Where do you belong in the realm? 

Many cannot answer this question and.. 

Many people have been misled with false information etc and they believe it. 
I don't like to argue but anytime a client start talking like one of those who have read all the books in the world ,I keep mute because knowledge is not found in books, it's what you experience. 

I have tried not to write some facts like bi BORI ina, etc because no one knew what it is about and am not ready to give it out. 

A client was arguing about ERUPE ,he says we have fine ERUPE, we have water ERUPE and all sort of things. 

I ask, is ERUPE different from ERUPE? 

ERUPE in the ocean and the one one land, do they have any special difference? 

I said,  ERUPE is ERUPE, it all have the same characteristics and no amount of words can change the properties spiritually. 

Some people would say because it is ERUPE of the sea, it is this and that. 

I always laugh because I know they knew nothing. 

With all this knowledge of ERUPE and the likes, how come nothing happens? 

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