Friday, December 22, 2023

Is IFA a Sin?

Is IFA a Sin?

Who invented the word sin? It is just a religious word created by the Muslims and christians alike to torment their followers and get them in line like a dump sheep.

IFA is older than religion, doing IFA make you to become one with the universe.

Those who are not into IFA are the sinners , they are not in tune with nature and everything that comes with it. They are under punishment of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, they are suffering and they are having a false hope that they would go and enjoy in a false heaven when they die.

Ifa is not a sin, IFA entails being neutral and natural , IFA has nothing to do with money rituals.

If you do money rituals, that is not IFA .

Anything that has to do with IFA is natural and it has no consequences.

Why would something that has no consequences be a sin?

The other religions fell oppressed by IFA,they knew they don't have it, talking of power and authority it belong to IFA .

The creates some crazy ideology to keep you in the dark, we'll continue resting in the dark.

It's your choice ..

I remain my self , AJE NLA 

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