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Love start from the breast

Love start from the breast 

Love start from the breast, it's referred to as the ocean of Love.

When a woman is breastfeeding, she experience the same urge and desire as when she is copulating with a man.

This high sexual drive during breastfeeding of a baby contribute to a large number of factors why newly parturited mother's often see sex offensive .

The love and desire have been shifted from the man to the baby . The baby take all the love.

The baby give the mother love urge that charge her like a current driving from the breast to the brain as if she was being bang from below.

Some men become jealous of their own child taking all the woman's love and attention and if care is not taking , it might break the marriage .

If the woman didn't work on her self, she might loose interest in sex for a long time and might hate it .

Those children are raided with love by sucking breast, they grew with their mother's love .

And after some time they start looking for love or who to love them.

Small children who family is hot or not stable are more susceptible to such as they emotion had build up waiting to explode .

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