Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Many people have been used in 2023

Many people have been used in 2023

Have done a lots of consultation for a lot of people in this year and I have come to see that a lot have been used .

Many have been used by their Family member who is rich and would never help them no matter how much they tried, many have been used by their family.

Many people have been used by their lover, boyfriends are now using girlfriend for money rituals and vice versa. Unknown for many, the term boyfriends and girlfriends used themselves.

Many have been used by their friends , I know it is shocking .Those who shared the same room with their friends or love to spend the night with a friend might fall victim of this trap as they would be used while sleeping . Be more wiser coming year and know where you would spend the night.

Many have been used by eating party foods, many people who are doing party are adding one thing or the other to the food,no wonder they won't taste the food they cooked and prepare for the party, they have simply add one or two things to it and used all those who eat the food.

The signs of being used is simple, you would be owing debts upon debts and you will find it hard to see helper.

It's very simple to know, we can just consult IFA to know if you have been used or you need to feed an orisa for life to be easier for you.

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