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Marrying a lady with a multiple sexual partner in the past

Marrying a lady with a multiple sexual partner in the past

We all have our past and some of them torment us till we die. 

You as a man cannot lie that you have not done such in your life while still enjoying your youth. Why are we all concern about woman? 

Marrying a lady with multiple sexual partner in the past is not good and it's not bad. 

To marry such lady,  you need to do spiritual cleansing for her. Spiritual cleansing can take up to 9 - 21 days to be done and also involve an Orisa. 

After the cleansing you might need to feed osun to remove bad life experiences and to also strengthens her not to fall pray anytime she sees one of her ex. 

OSUN would remove all bad notion like extra marital affairs away from her mind and let her concentrate on this particular marriage. 

Osun would do so many things for the newly married or about to marry couple. 

You might need to feed IYAAMI too but the best step to take is to consult IFA on how to go about it. 

The same steps should also be done for a man too so that both the male and female would be clean and ready for their marital journey together. 

Having a lady with such doesn't mean she would continue that path once you marry her, you must free your mind of the past and embrace the future. 

Don't forget to do the above steps to save the future. 

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