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Materials used in making cloth in Yoruba land

The Yoruba have legendary types of clothes that make them distinct from other cultures around them. 

They take immense pride in their attire, for which they are well known for. Clothing materials traditionally come from processed cotton by traditional weavers. 

They believe that the type of clothes worn by a man depicts his personality and social status, and that different occasions require different clothing outfits.

Typically, The Yoruba have a very wide range of materials used to make clothing, the most basic being the Aṣo-Oke, which is a hand loomed cloth of different patterns and colors sewn into various styles. and which comes in very many different colors and patterns.

Aso Oke comes in three major styles based on pattern and coloration;

Alaari – a rich red Aṣọ-Oke,
Sanyan- a brown and usual light brown Aṣọ-Oke, and
Ẹtu- a dark blue Aṣọ-Oke.

Other clothing materials include but are not limited to:

Ofi- pure white yarned cloths, used as cover cloth, it can be sewn and worn.

Aran- a velvet clothing material of silky texture sewn into Danṣiki and Kẹmbẹ, worn by the rich.

Adirẹ- cloth with various patterns and designs, dye in indigo ink (Ẹlu or Aro).

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