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Ogunda Irete (The importance of our family, our linage)

Ogunda Irete...  The importance of our family, our linage

Ogunda Irete

Bile ba baje

A tun ko

Bona ba baje

A tun ye

Booko Baba eni ba baje

Eni a dirankiran

Eni a deeyankeeyan

Difa fun Ogun

Nijo ti lo ree dajo awon odale eniyan

Nje Booko Baba eni ba baje

Eni a dirankiran

Eni a deeyankeeyan

Riru ebo

Eeru atukesu

e waa bani laarin ire

Marinrin ire laa bani lese ope

When the house is destroyed

We can rebuild it

When a road is destroyed

We can reconstruct it

When one's father name is destroyed

The generation becomes ruined

The generation becomes obliterated

Cast divination for Ogun

On the day he was going to judge the case of rebels

Therefore when one's lineage name is destroyed

one would become ruined

The generation would become obliterated

Offering of sacrifice

And free gifts to Esu

Come and meet us with good tidings

One is found with good tidings at the base of Ope

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