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(Invocation for Good Fortune)

Ogunda Meji, Ogunda Meji, Ogunda Meji,

The Creator, The Creator, The Creator,

Me be yin, kiedai ni’de Arun Ilu ejo egbese ati beebee, ki e d a’ri ire owo,

I beg you, release me from the tie of Death, release me from the tie of Misfortune, direct me towards the good fortune of Abundance,

ise oro omo ola ola emigigun, aralile ati beebee s’odo mi,

direct me towards the good fortune that comes from good and fruitful children, direct me towards the good fortune of honor, prosperity, good health and long life,

Kie da mi ni abiyamo tiyoo bimo rere ti won, yoo gb’ehin si-sinu aye ati beebee.

let me be known as a parent who produces good children, who will stand behind me, follow my guidnace and bury me at the end of my life.

Ogunda Meji.  Ase.

The Creator. May it be so.

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