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Pets, their hidden Life and Spiritual significance

Pets, their hidden Life and Spiritual significant 

I have always wanted to write this article but I am somehow tired, tired after so many activities.

Though I have completed this article a million times in my mind but to put it to writing is giving me headache.

Animals transverse the multiverse at the same time, that is animals live in different world at the same time. They can be and can see from different world of existence at the same time.

A good example of such is this carton called coco, where a cat travel to the spiritual world and become another animals . I think you should look for this carton and watch.

You can't practice Spirituality and not have a pet animal, pet animal are there for many reasons .

- to teach us how to be Spiritual
- to teach us how to love 
- to protect us
- spiritual mentor and guidance

Animals are more Spiritual than you think ,they are more wiser than you think and they know better than you.

I remember my first pet, a cat. We used to go into the spirit realm together. There is no way you would have a cat , bond with the cat and you will not dream about cat. 

Have been to many Spiritual war with my cat at my back , watching my back while I was in war front.

Some people don't love animals but they don't know that an animal cam protect them from evil, when a dog wag its tail, it's purifying the environment and cleaning out all evil. The same goes for a cat when it purr.

Many enemy are around you, Incase you don't know. Your pets are always with you on the spirit to protect you. 

That is why pet owners live longer than people without pet, though their pets may die and they would have to replace it.

Many times your pet would die instead of you to die, anyone targeting you would end up killing your pet instead of you.

Our fore father and ancestors know this , that is why they keep a lot of local chicken, dogs and few cats.

Many people think cats is evil this and that . If you don't love a cat you should have a dog.

Dog see things but it's not Spiritually powerful like a Cat because cat see the past, present and the future at the same time.

What an endowed animal.

I started as a cat owner her on earth and as time goes on I got a lot of pet animals in the spirit realm with each representing different level of spiritual growth.

I wish I could talk more but I think I have said enough.

To finish this article, pets are more than what you see about them. Having a pet would help you grow spiritually.

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