Monday, December 4, 2023

Prayer has it's Limit

Prayer has it's limit

Still sticking to your prayers while your trouble double up? 

We can't force you to change your mind, it's the same reason your pastor and Imam has worked so hard that you won't go else where by inventing imaginary hell fire. 

The same reason your problem has refused to solve because they knew you are adamant and would not seek higher power to fight your battles for you. 

Prayer works well for small problems and even those smaller problems might take months (12 above,) to be resolved. 

Imagine knowing that your enemies would not come and beg you an an elder, and you knew no power can kill you. 

Meanwhile, you are right as an elder, you uphold law because you are the Law. 

And someone somewhere is fighting against demon that never existed, they claim holy but put mouth in matter that concerns them not. They claim holy but maltreatinf their maids and everyone except their family. Why won't you be angry and an elder? 

And someone with such an evil act goes to church and mosque to pray, praying to who exactly?  

If you are OLODUMARE, what will you do? That is why there is Law.  

The world was created with Law and nothing More. 

The law is bigger than prayer, just obey and things would work out. 

Stop believing prayer would solve the problems you created by yourself when the solution is for you to solve all by yourself. 

Why are you disturbing OLODUMARE? 

My name is AJE NLA, I never meant to hurt anyone. 

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