Sunday, December 31, 2023

Prayer Request for a Donation - End of the year special package

Prayer Request for a Donation - End of the year special package

This is unusual of me to make a request from people .

I don't beg neither do I force people to make a donation.

Doing such means monetization of the spirit and it is a criminal offence in the spiritual realm.

I don't ever want to offend the ORISA, their Joy is all I ever wanted.

But I looked at it, this is the last day in 2023 before we are rolled into the new year.

Many people needed a direction, if they could just dream about someone or something telling them where their problem come from or what must be done , won't they be happy?

Many people have gone to different places to pray and nothing happened, they have used all sort of charms and method but nothing changes .

This Prayer request would only elapsed today and it would not be extended till any other day .

I was thinking of extending the hand of Love and Strength to fee people.

It can be more than 10 and once the number has reached 10. I would not be accepting any donations.

Incase you send yours after the seven people have been selected, I would have to refund your money.

What I intend to do today as any other day is to Take 7 people's name with me in the spirit realm along with one prayer request.

While I would be in the realm, I would pray with their name and prayer request so that as the portal opens, the request would be drop before it closes within mini-seconds.

The donation fee is N10,000 .

I know it's cheap and that is why it is only meant for 10 people.

I can't carry much burden on me in the spirit realm, I would be over exhausted.

If you want to donate .

WhatsApp me OLUWO AJE NLA+2347031178647

With the title request for donations, end of year prayer .

Am not OLODUMARE but I know you will see changes, you will see something.

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