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Shadow Power

Shadow Power 

Many people claimed they have charm and her very powerful but they are not .

What they have is shadow power.

They don't have the actual power but a reflection and a shadow of the real power.

This is what many powerful men in the world have, they create a lot of sacrifice to attain that power and to continue maintenance of such power .

Many have called me for power and I said I don't have Power. They think because of all the knowledge in the world I would embark on some stupid things and for what? Making money that can't buy a soul?

Even if I was blessed with all the knowledge, I know what they want and what they are referring to but I would never give it to them.

They are not ready for such Power, their intentions are not of the purest of heart. I would love to address myself as the keeper of secrets and hidden wisdom of the ages.

Some people make a lot of sacrifice to get power and they continue to pay the price to maintain that power at the very cost of their living.

I am pure, my path is pure and anyone that want to take this path must be pure.

Real power give birth to itself within you once you start the path of righteousness and you have decided and dedicated your life to protect the weak and it's secrets.

The power after giving birth to itself would continue to grow by itself within you and would continue to guide you in all that you do.

Power is not what you see in the outside , it's not the number of herbs you have eaten,it's not measured by the number of what you have swallowed or the number of incision on your body.

Don't believe anyone that claim to have power and has not in one way or the other done anything in the spirit realm .

Other religion like Buddhism etc speaks about other world of existence and how to connect with it, this is power.

Not the power you are thinking of dong revenge or doing evil, this evil power are shadow power.

In your eyes shadow power are powerful but until you meet real power, the shadow would disappear and disappointed you.

Since you are the one looking for Power, such Power would come at a cost which you must pay.

On a final note, shadow power is a power with it's price .it's powerful on his own but only good for doing evil and not good. It's not reliable and the cost of often high.

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