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Snake : The most authoritative animal

Snake : The most authoritative animal


Sometimes I wonder why some literature book turned holy book referred to snake as an enemy of Mankind. 

When in the real sense, it is the opposite. 

Snake is one of the most respected animal in the world because of its high authority. 

If you have join some occult or read some hidden text of Illuminati, Mason, Kabbalah etc, you would understand that snake is not your enemy.  

Let's leave those books or society alone and out of the subject. 

Snake represent the continuous journey of man in an unending way. It signify birth, death and rebirth. 

Snake is more spiritually powerful than Cat,  and cat is more spiritually powerful than Dog. 

Snake had it's own mind which is higher than that of a Cat. 

A snake can live for a thousand years with each 100 year attained , a greater power of purpose is achieved. 

A snake that reaches 100 years old would be given authority to transform into humans.  Many humans who are your friends are snake. 

When a snake reaches 500 years it turns to dragon, it grow legs and other features. 

A snake like creature and Orisa is OSUMARE, half snake and half human. He controlled whether and seasoned. Also he control some white garment churches with the symbol of eye. 

A snake can be your spiritual Pet and guidance in the spirit realm but you have to attain some higher level before you are giving a snake. 

Snake are not evil creatures, and if you are seeing snake in your dream, let's consult to know .

I am a snake lover and I am amused at its power and strength  .

I am never at war with a snake,  not at the moment. 

Though I have had my bad life experiences where some evil people sent snake To bite me in my dream. Those are my trying years when I never knew who I was until I started this journey and I become one with everything there is and was. 

This article is all about the good thing about snake and it's power spiritually. 

The same snake was used by Moses to remove pestilence in the Bible. 

I love snake, my fore father is AGBODERE.  A hunter turned giant snake. I love him and he always grace me with stories of the wonders of the world. 

I am not at war with my family tradition and ancestors. I have find a way to communicate with them and am grateful to OLODUMARE for creating all the Orisa and Yoruba tradition. 

I don't fight snake and I don't kill snake. Anytime I see a snake, I talk to it and it find its way. 

We are one. Isn't that the essence of Life. 

Please let us respect snake and they would respect us back. 

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