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Spiritual significant of talking drum

Spiritual significant of talking drum 

Talking drum is a natural drum that has its own vibration and energy. 

Talking drum and other African drum are Orisa related, drums are Orisa on its own and our ancestors used to worship it and feed it. 

There used to be drum festivals in those days and during one time or two they used to celebrate drum festival in OGUN state but the governor who introduced it has vacates the office. 

Drum is an ancient way of communicating with OLODUMARE and other Orisa. 

Talking drum speaks directly with our soul and that is why in one or two ways of our life as IFA initiate, we would hear drum.

Talking drum increases the natural energy within us and it also link us up to higher state of mind. 

That is why anytime there is IFA or Orisa festivals, talking drum and other drum are used to lift the soul up, motivate and sensitize the environment and prepare it for the Orisa involved. 

Nobody hear the talking drum and remain sad because it speak with the soul. 

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