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Testimony on AJE NLA recipe to see your Egbe Orun


Testimony on AJE NLA recipe to see your Egbe Orun

So many people have contacted me on how to see their egbe orun even though they have not done their egbe Orun initiation.

Have always given out Spiritual work and tips on how to see them just for a day to confirm that you belong to one egbe orun or the other

Few people who used this work day don't don't see  anything and I get it. They are expecting to see themselves in white gown or BLA BLA BLA

It is not that the spiritual work didn't work, it's just that what they see is not what they expect .

These are few things that you might see or experience after using the spiritual work to see the egbe orun

1. You might see yourself wearing whites

2. You might see yourself amidst of people wearing white

3.You might see animals entering trees , the tree can be anything. Different egbe orun had their location for meetings, so a tree is not an exception.

4.You might see yourself playing with children

5.You might dream of having a visitor or group of visitors .

6.You might dream of collecting a contract or someone want to give you a contract .

7. You might see trees , around the tree or playing near a tree

8. You might see a bird flying or see yourself as a bird

These are the few dream you can have when you do the egbe orun spiritual work from AJE NLA +2347031178647

I have improved and work on the recipe to make sure that you see some thing .

Some people's dream are block, even if you give them spiritual work they won't see anything. This is the reason why I OLUWO AJE NLA have worked and improved the recipe .

If you want to see your egbe orun or do your egbe orun initiation, you can contact me OLUWO AJE NLA on WhatsApp +2347031178647

In the picture is a testimony from someone I gave the recipe to.

If you have done your Egbe Orun initiation and you didn't see your egbe orun, you might have to contact those who did it for you .

I don't put my hands in nothing I knew nothing about .

I don't interfere in another man's business .

Just my rule .

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