Thursday, December 21, 2023

The force are not at war with each other

Many Pastors and prophet has taught their followers to continue to fight darkness this and that .

I have explain and explain that the force are not not at war with each other.

They are only playing their roles in the universe.
I remember when I was having a lot of difficult times in my life , I prayed to God to kill all the witches and wizard .

Now I am sitting and eating with the same witches and wizard I prayed for God to kill.

Lol,  see.  Follow who knows road and you will never go missing .

Though someone might issue out a font act to the dark side of life on your case, the dark side of Life would honour the contract and it is left for you to go to their court, IYAAMI ELEYE court and make an appeal by begging them with whatever IFA says .

That is the only way not praying to God to kill them.

Well this picture said it all.

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