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The importance of Proverbs among the Yoruba people


Proverbs are reflections and expressions of wisdom, ethics, philosophy and beliefs of a given society. 

Yorùbá proverbs are treasured sayings, which project the wisdom, ethics, cultural heritage  and worldview of the Yorùbá people. 

They are used to accentuate a given idea or an outlook to life generally. 

They also add glamour and Beauty to discourse whether spoken or written in any given circumstance.

Proverbs are words of wisdom expressed in concise statements. 

They are repository words of wisdom, and elders are they custodians of them.

Proverbs are therefore a vital instrument of communication in interpersonal relationships. 

They are important and relevant socially,  religiously, culturally, politically and in other areas; not only to literature, but also to the mass media; who display it in their cartoons, advertisement and film. Òjó (2015,p.4)

Olátúnjí (1984,p.172) further emphasis on the place of proverbs among the Yorùbá people. 

He explains that 'Among the Yorùbá, proverbs play a prominent role in communication, hence the saying,  bí Òrò bá sonù, òwe ni a fí ń wá a (proverbs compliment good conversation).

 Proverbs identify and dignify the culture of the Yorùbá society, inculcating life into wisdom and wisdom into life.

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