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Types of Sara


Types of Sara

Types of Sara

Many of us have been eating Sara that we didn't know it was Sara.

Basically there are two types of Sara.

The Silent Sara and

Noisy Sara

I know people who be like what is AJE NLA writing again?

Let me put more explanation on the two type of Sara.

The Silent Sara: This is when you do Sara and nobody knows about it except you. Taking for instance you were at a place filled with people ,the people already know you so no stress.

You saw someone selling ekuru or Mosa or beans and you buy one or some for yourself and you ask if others have interest in eating this particular food. Since it is Sara , many people would love it and request that you should buy for them as well.

You will then be praying in your mind that OLODUMARE accept my Sara .

Many people would only be thinking of your generosity but never knew it is Sara.

2. Noisy Sara: This is when you make people know that you want to do Sara. You do Akara, etc and you start distribution of those items saying it's Sara or telling them you are doing Sara for your lost one.

Many people would not want to eat such Sara because they believe Sara is evil and I don't know blame them.

I don't eat Sara too.

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