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Vomiting Spiritual work

Vomiting Spiritual work 

This article is for someone out there who is having this issue.

There are some people any time they eat spiritual work ,they would vomit it. This kind of thing is not ordinary and physical and it's not everyone that knows what it is.

When I was in school, it has happened to me before. I always see myself has empty because I know they don finish everything wey dey my body.

To every problem, there is a solution. The solution to the problem is not you would see everywhere because most people who claim to be babalawo or spiritualist didn't finish learning before embarking on the Calling or the said babalawo stole book of spiritual works.

We would do IFA consultation for you and we would follow what IFA says on which orisa to feed and after feeding the orisa and begging the elders, we would do spiritual cleansing for you which is in various categories and steps, we would do the body incision for you so that all spiritual work will stay in your body.

It's not a one day thing, you might have to come back for the incision and some other things .

I have suffered a lot in this life and when I see people having those issues, it remind me of my trying and hard times.

Anytime you tell people to come back,they don't have the patience but what have learnt from IFA and ORISA over the years is patience.

I always fixed things ahead so that you would learn to calm down and be patience and more over, every ORISA has their special days.

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