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Was Islam mentioned in IFA?

Was Islam mentioned in IFA? 

Islam is a new religion that has its existence not more than 3000 years ago. 

Between IFA and Islam, IFA has been in existence for more than A million years. 

IFA doesn't sat anything about Islam and am sure Islam doesn't say anything either about IFA. 

The basic teachings of the two religion are different, Islam calls his devotee slave of God. 

IFA doesn't call anyone slave to anything. 

IFA teaches love, purity, ways of life and life after death

Islam teaches of Paradise and the rest. 

IFA is a way of life that teaches through various ways of life from culture, sacrifice, feeding of Orisa and the rest. 

Islam doesn't talk about our culture but someone else culture, Islam doesn't talk about some things which many imam are doing in the world of today. 

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