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What makes a King to kneel down?

What makes a King kneel down ?

I know many of you would drop a lot of comments but you need to calm down and read  this.

I am not here to take side with anyone , neither am I here because of anyone.

So I saw the new king of one Yoruba land kneeling down to a great man of God, what an inspiration some people would say but it is not.

It is not an inspiration.

Let us analyze the issue from another angle. This country is under one religious war or the other and the two most common religion have always fought in the shadow to control power. Talking of Christianity and Islam.

There is also this king that declared himself Emir or sultan and that no ritual must be done whatsoever in his land and kingdom.

I wonder where they picked these people to come and become king, after installing them as king they start to behave someone.

This one has not spent a year on the throne, he has already started kneeling down. I wonder what will happen coming years ... 

I remember when a political candidate was presented as a member of a prominent big church in the country, he was in office for 8 years and also wanted to contest for President , all for nothing as I didn't see his impact on the economy neither do the youth felt his presence.

As if that was not enough for the both parties of religion (christians and Muslims). But why go into tradition?

In those days, a King is so powerful that he is an equal ranks with Orisa such that a word from his mouth come to pass in an instant .

In those days once a King sleep with you as a woman ,no man dare go near that woman talkless of sleeping with her because such man would die at a spot in an attempt to climb the King's wife.

The king can't bent down or kneel down before any man, be it man of God or man of Silver or whatever the man is called.

Apart from the fact that it is tradition for the king not to bow down before any man, the king bowing down or kneeling down for anybody would result in the death of whoever is accepting the King's bow.

The white that bring religion don't put religion above their tradition, I can't imagine prince Charles go to church and kneel down before a Pastor or Reverend.

What happened to those powers of those days, ask the king makers. They tend to choose snd play by the rules of the person paying their salary, they tend to dance to where the money is, that is why many people lock horns with the king and nothing happened.

The Orisa are not to blame neither are they less powerful, they have decided to fold their hand and never interfere in the affairs of Mankind. A new law pass across from ages to ages .

I only know of one King of king, the creator of all and everything I'm the universe, his name is OBATALA.



if Amy king felt like kneeling down before anything, the said king should go to OBATALA temple and kneel down.

Enough of Religion entering politics and entering tradition trying to control everything. For what exactly? POWER.



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