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What to do if someone tell you that Your Mother / wife is a witch

What to do if someone tell you that Your Mother / wife is a witch 

The world we live in now is so cruel that anything is possible.

So many men has been led to destroy their family because someone somewhere tell them a bad and shocking news of their life that their mother or wife is a witch and ever since then, they have been running from family or fighting with them.

We have so many half baked prophet and spiritualist in today's world, who knew little on how the world operate .

If anyone tell you that your mother or wife is a witch, be grateful for that new because it is a good one.

What you need to do is to beg the elders , since your mother or wife is an elder .

You will do the begging of the elders and that will put an end to your problem.

Going from mountains to kill witches is not going to kill any witch.

Your mother or wife belong to the elders group, the elders have connections and links, they knew themselves.

When you do begging of the elders, it will make your wife and mother to forgive you of whatever crime you have committed that makes them to discipline you .

Begging of the elders depends on the ingredients, it can be 25k, 100k, 400k depending on what the elders want to collect .

Sometimes they may need a Ram or ...... And you know how much a ram cost today.

The material for begging the elders would be prepared by the priest .

You might be ask to take it to some places .

Begging the elders ,you  don't take their offering to ESU . You take it to their location or their satellite pickup place which is everywhere .

Learn to beg the elders, follow who knows road .

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