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What to do when guys are not asking you out again

What to do when guys are not asking you out again

This is a big problem for some ladies. If we look at it very well, there are many reasons that may cause something like this to happen. 

1.Physical lookout 

What life have you been living before?  Are you abusive to men, abusive lady night find it a bit hard to get a spouse but some are lucky. 
do you fights a lot ,the same goes for in abusive cases. 
do you have a good character, 

Are you an all indoor person - you can't stay indoor an expect man to find you, you can't be looking for men on social app. 

Do you have a good reputation?  What does your neighbor has to say about you, is it good or bad?  If your neighbor are saying bad things about you, they might chase of potential lovers. 

Do you have a sound Job?  No man wants to marry a liability or a woman who has nothing to offer. 

And many more

2. Spiritual look out

If you have not done your Egbe Orun initiation, there is tendency that men would not be looking at you

There might be some covering on you that make you invisible in from of Men, the men doesn't even think of you. 

And other spiritual issues and battle like family battles etc. 

These things can be checked via IFA consultation .

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