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What you need to do before the end of the year

What you need to do before the end of the year 

This are the things you need to do to prepare for the next and coming years. 

This are not based on consultation but if you do consultation, it would be a good idea.

But if you haven't done consultation  ,the below points might help. 

Do restoration : This are one of the best thing you can do, you can use just leaves you see around you and do it, it won't cost you anything. 

Feed the elder: This is simple,  you can use EKURU to beg the elders if your condition is not too big that it require an animal for elders replacement or using animals to beg elders. 

Bo ORi : This is when you feed your spiritual head and prepare for the next and coming years so that the next year would be great for you. This should be done according to your star element. 

Egbe Orun initiation : You need to do your Egbe Orun initiation and be part of something great, enjoy access to spiritual real and The first heaven while you are still on earth. 

Consult IFA : I charge 5k for consultation, this is good so as to know where you need to focus on in the following year. You can ask about your life problem and challenges and what to do, you can ask about the list of business you want to do.  Ask IFA a lot of questions so that IFA can guide you on what to do. 

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