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Yoruba female Oriki names and their meanings

Yoruba female Oriki names and their meanings

Abeke – This name literarily means one that is begged to care for or pampered.

Akanke – Akanke means one who is especially cherished or pampered.

Àlàké – It means someone that circumstances had to be overcome to take care of her.

Ayinke – It means was that is meant to praise and pet.

Amoke – It means one known in order to care for.

Àbèbí – This Oriki name is given to someone that was given birth to after a lot of persuasions (probably a difficult birth).

Aweni – This Oriki literarily means a child to be bathed and possessed.

Amope – This name means that one whose knowledge is complete.

Awero – It means one that is bathed and covered in wrappers.

Àbèní – It means we begged to have this one i.e. a child that was begged for to have or born (from God or, more often traditionally, the gods).

Ànìké – It means a child that was born to be pampered.

Abegbe – It could mean a child that we begged to carry.

Adubi – It means one we struggled to birth. Usually, given to a baby born via breech birth.

Agbeke – It means one carried in order to pet.

Àshàké/Asake – Yoruba Oriki name meaning a daughter picked or selected to be pampered or cherished.

Ajoke – Ajoke means jointly cherished or jointly beloved or meaning meant to be taken care of by all.

Ajike – It means someone that wakes up to petting/pampering.

Aduni – It could mean a joy to have or one we struggled to have.

Àríké – Yoruba Oriki name meaning someone that is meant to be pampered or care for on sight.

Asabi –It means one selected for birth.

Apeke – This name means called or born to be cared for or pampered. The name is usually followed by soothing words and songs.

Àdùké – It means a child that people will fight over the privilege to care for her and pamper her.

Atunke – It means a child that would be continually taken care of.

Ayoka – Yoruba Oriki name meaning one who causes joy.

Some other common Yoruba female Oriki names that we could not find their meanings: Adugbe, Aponke, Abeje, Amosa, Abepe, Akanpe, Awebi, Adiya, Asape, Asani

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