Monday, December 11, 2023

You don't need OSHOLE

You don't need OSHOLE

I have checked the internet and I have seen a lot of this spiritual work called OSHOLE and it seems everyone is money hungry wanting to make money without doing anything.

People don't even care if they could have the money for just a day and die the following day.

Death is easy and sweet only if you are spiritually strong and powerful, you continue your spiritual exploration when your body dies.

Those of you who want fast money and wanting to do OSHOLE, your death will not be painful for you but more painful for your wife,husband and children, more also your death will pain your family. What is the essence of Life? Die young all for 5 mins fame?

The truth is that You are just a lazy crazy lunatic who is looking for shortcut where there is none.

Do normal spiritual work to know where your weakness lies and what to do, focus more on becoming a better version of yourself and let those spiritual work and ORISA do their work.

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