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After IFA initiation, is there any other Initiation?


After IFA initiation, is there any other Initiation?

IFA is like the spiritual bridge that link you to the spiritual universe where you would meet ORISA in their thousands .

During your IFA initiation,all the ORISA would be appease and feed for your sake, the ORISA would blessed you and welcome you into their presence and an ORISA would be assigned as your mentor. This ORISA is what many called the ORISA of your head.

Every ORISA has its inner circles and children which they guides. You have to earn their trust before they introduced or link you up with those secrets. AJE NLA +2347031178647

Someone decided to give me a call last year to ask me some questions, and we are on call for more than 48hours. I never knew I could do that.

Asking this and that and at a point she said she has OSUN. After talks and gist she make a donation which I rejected because of her financial status but she refused.

So I asked for her  name and I used her money for consultation. During consultation it was revealed that her OSUN was extra legit.

So I went to Yeye OSUN herself at the dept of the mighty oceans and begged her on behalf of this person.

OSUN gave me some instructions on what and what to be doing. I passed her the messaged from OSUN and ever since, she has been growing stronger everyday .

It doesn't mean that she is rich now but she is under OSUN's winged and spiritual mentoring .

She gist me her Spiritual journey and I come in where necessary and we have become the two children of OSUN that can never be separated.

Not all OLOSUN see or hear from OSUN, neither do they have communication with OSUN in the spirit realm.

There is no other Initiation after IFA initiation except if you are chosen by the ORISA themselves, that is when they would link you up with other higher realm Initiation.

Most Babalawo are only looking for what to eat,they do all sort of stunt to acquire money. It's OK but they are loosing their spiritual ability and power.

Every ORISA has their own Initiation and IFA INITIATION is like a bridge that connects you with the universe, the universe compromises of all the ORISA and OLODUMARE.

Some people have an ORISA in their lineage which they do the INITIATION , eg SANGO Initiation is done for children in Òyó and other places where Sango olukoso Oko OYA is what they do.

So also people in OSUN lineage also do OSUN Initiation for all their children.

We have society cult and groups which the babalawo might want you to join after your IFA initiation because of the reason best known to babalawo and for society values and ranks but it is your choice to say No.

If after your IFA initiation sango was the ORISA of your head, they would give you sango and sango would try his best for you. But if you think that you still want to have OSUN because of your love for her, you might have to do OSUN Initiation and you might not, IFA connect all the ORISA in the universe.

Since you have done your IFA initiation you might not need to do OSUN Initiation but it all depends on the situation but I know they would collect money for Initiation because they too want to eat something.

If SANGO was your head ORISA and you love OSUN, they just need to do the consecration of ORISA OSUN for you and you can have your OSUN. Consecration is like giving you the ORISA OSUN and activating it for you.

The consecration also enables you to be able to speak with the ORISA and the ORISA speak with you, the consecration is like a spiritual bonding which is like mother and child.

You are already an IFA initiate, the universal energy is within you already, they just consecrate it for you and that's all.

So that means you have both OSUN and SANGO at the same time. Don't forget that SANGO was the ORISA of your head and you loved to have ORISA OSUN too.

Most OSUN priestess don't do IFA INITIATION,they just do OSUN Initiation and they would used OSUN for the rest of their beautiful life.

If as an OSUN priestess you would love to have YEMOJA, you would go and do YEMOJA Initiation to have it, and if after having YEMOJA you still want to have OLOKUN, you would do OLOKUN Initiation to have that ORISA.

Now where am going is that, why not do IFA INITIATION that connects all the ORISA and save money for individual Initiation?

Once you do IFA INITIATION, it connects you with all ORISA at once .

If you love to have more than one ORISA, that is left for you and your ODU to decides and you don't have to do Initiation one after the other, they would just help you to consecrate it since you are already an Initiate.

The most important question is, what is your purpose of doing IFA initiation?

This should be your guide so that you don't jump from one post to pillar.

What do I know?

I don't know anything, I agree I don't read from books like most people do, I don't have any book of account and I talked rubbish.

That is me, I don't care if the world is ending but I just have to speak the truth ...


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