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Bedtime stories at the bottom of the ocean for Omo Omi

Bedtime stories at the bottom of the ocean for Omo Omi

I have written a small peep of what Omo Omi is all about.

You can search ORISA blog www . ORISA .com .ng for that.

Many Omo Omi don't know that they are Omo Omi. Am not here to tell you one or two things because I know if I could wrote about what I am seen during my visit to YEMOJA and OSUN and OLOKUN, many people are going to plagiarized it and write a book out of it.

All I can say is that at night, we all assemble at the feet of our mothers, yeye OSUN. She love to tell stories of her youthful life and those wonderful things she has done.

In some other days it is YEMOJA that would host is in the depth of the ocean, telling us a goood bed time story for us to learn from .

I think our fathers who used to do tail by moonlight actually got the idea from yeye OSUN and YEMOJA.

Every night, we all travelled there for another episode of tales.

Many things is happening inside water, another life and another world with a lot of other things .

It is good to be Omo Omi and majority of those who wrote or talk about Omo Omi are not Omo Omi neither have they travelled there to experience it.

Someone called me for guidance on how to explore the deep ocean as Omo Omi, she has paid a lot of money for famous people in doing initiation yet she never see see herself in the depth of the ocean and now she needed my help.

I told her, go back to those who collect money from you for initiation to link you up with OSUN and other water ORISA . So that you can attend the moonlight stories.

My knowledge is for my student, and my student are trained to be pure.

You saw the truth but you think people who are famous are more into spirituality?

Many of them use whatever means to get the title, they never merit or deserve it.

You have wasted money on fake spirituality because you love fake things, I can't help you.


You can rot with your money.

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