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Difference between god and God


Difference between god and God

So many of us are under white man supremacy and we think our own is not good enough.

Africans believe that the supreme being of the white man is superior to the supreme being of their ancestors .

The white man colonized and take away our mentality such that many of us are still in the dark.

The white man supreme being is called God and African , Yoruba supreme being is called OLODUMARE.

Yoruba believe in their ancestors and our ancestors are ORISA. The ORISA walk the earth first before us,they showed us the way and path .

Because of the white man supremacy, we are made to believe that the white man Supreme being is bigger than our ancestors.

We denote the white man supreme being with God and we denote our Ancestors,our supreme being with god .

Some people go to the extent of saying small god and big God .

They said our ORISA and ancestors are small god and the white man religion is having a capital God.

There is no bigger God and there is no small god .

If you are still thinking that our ancestors are small god then you need to visit the psychiatrist hospital.

Our ancestors must be fully respected and we must accord them with the honour they deserve.

May Eledumare open our eyes and understanding to know the truth. 

The Renaissance must continue and strongly too, to detox our people of many decades of been turned against our Ancestors and our Orisas, and everything Yoruba and African. 

It would be wise to start training our children in the ways of our fathers, we should have family Iwure in the morning, where we teach the ODU IFA systematically, have our Ose ijuba where we teach topical issues and lessons from Odu Ifa pointing them to life topical lessons and introduce them to irubo and others and also initiate them into Ifa. 

These are what our fathers did not take serious, we were left like sheep without shepherds, they even told us that we should go and worship and learn the foreign gods of Christians and Muslims not knowing the strong effect it will have and the rest is history because they took time to purge us of our ways, traditions and cultures.

 We were poisoned to hate our Ancestors and they told us our fathers are evil and even brand ESU as Satan, told us funny stories of creation and mandated us to accept their own fathers while we dance, sing and pray their way forsaking our own. 

Oh, what have they done to us! All we have are completely eroded. But praise and glory to Eledumare who has woken us and Orunmila who is not sleeping and the Irumoles who continually intercede.

The water, spirit and blood of our Ancestors are alive calling us to come back home. Never too late!!!

Proudly Omo Irumole 🎉

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