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Egbe Orun initiation Pot - Truth and Lies


Egbe Orun initiation Pot - Truth and Lies

I want to break another table today, well I need to break as many table as possible till the right thing is done. If you miss any of my post, you can always visit my blog (ORISA blog www. ORISA. Com .ng) for all inspiration and truth about IFA , Yoruba religion and many more from my journey in the spiritual realm and my interactions with other ORISA. I am OLUWO AJE NLA.

As much as I love to help people, I have to set my rules and standard for those who will meet the standard, those are the ones I might attend to.

I know you would have a million questions like why am I proud like this? But it's not what you think at all, if you are very close to OLOKUN then you would understand that he doesn't take shit from anyone, even if you are feeding OLOKUN and you do a slight mistake, you are just wasting your time because I know he would no accept it because of his very high standards of operation.

So it's not pride that I set some rules, I take after some ORISA .

Many people have come for one or two things on this topic both in Nigeria and diaspora and I have to say it as it is.

Many people have done their egbe orun initiation, even pay weekly money for their egbe orun to be fed but never have a glimpse of what their egbe orun look like, so they always come to me for solution and I always decline their request, I always turn them down by saying, go back to those who do your egbe orun initiation for you and tell them to link you up so that you can see your egbe orun.

Why am I like that? You paid them for the Job and they haven't finished the job they are paid to do yet they know how to collect money for feeding of egbe Orun weekly or monthly .

If I didn't do the INITIATION for you, I don't have the energy to waste on you. My Authority as the OLUWO is strictly for my disciple and those who are ready.

Many people has been made to believe that after egbe orun initiation, you need to have your egbe orun pot. Is it mandatory?

No it is not Mandatory.

You don't need egbe orun pot after initiation and if you don't want it, there is no crime on it.

However, if you are the leader of your egbe orun, it is very imperative that you have the egbe orun pot in your house so as to communicate with your egbe orun anytime and any day.

That means all of you who has been having egbe orun pot are just having it for having sake, it is not compulsory .  If you want to have it, it is your choice but it is important for all leader of any egbe orun to have their egbe orun pot with him/her wherever he/she stays.

Egbe Orun pot symbolizes the ORISA of the egbe orun, it symbolizes power and control , that is why each leader of the egbe orun must have it in their house.

Having egbe orun pot as a leader would make other members of your egbe orun who are not yet born to always be in your house, they host parties and invite other egbe orun and ORISA to your house to discuss some important issues before they bring it to meetings at night.

But you have lost that right as a leader of egbe Orun, you think you can't do it when you are born to do it.

Communication with your egbe orun is not as difficult has it seems, just do it as it comes to your mind. Your egbe orun would not penalized you on it but rather give you insight on how to do it better.

And as you are doing it, your eyes would begin to open to see your egbe orun Live without any stress or doing anything. It's just one of those secrets nobody would tell you.

Many leaders are neglecting their roles as a leader and then says they are not seeing their egbe orun or feeling their presence etc.

How could you when you have given your responsibility to someone else to do for you.

You think your egbe orun are interested in the food you give them ?

They need your presence, they need you to participate.

As a member of egbe Orun, all you need is to create an alter for your egbe orun. Something sacred to you and you only.

You go to the alter to pray and egbe orun members, while the egbe orun leader who has a pot would go to the pot to pray .

As you pray to your egbe orun, you can drop some cash at the alter for them to use , they can use the money to buy incense which is one of the best food egbe orun loved to eat, or they can use the money to buy fruits.

Your responsibility as an egbe orun is not what someone must do for you or what someone can do for you, it is your responsibility.

Only you can do it

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