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Eleriko Mantra for all Eleriko egbe orun (How to grow your snake spirit as Eleriko)

Eleriko Mantra for all Eleriko egbe orun

Do you love your spirit as Eleriko?

Have written a lot of article on Eleriko.

Do you love your snake guides.

If you are seeing snake in your dream and it is confirm that you are Eleriko, there is a mantra for you if you have not done your egbe orun initiation and you wish to stay connected with your spiritual snake form or guiding snake .

I have something for you.

If you have done your initiation and you can't connect with your snake family,I can't help you.

Those who collect money from you should help you out.

A consultation must be made to confirm if you are Eleriko or not 

The Consultation would also reveal if you have done your initiation somewhere or not .

So no room for liars and cheaters .

What will happen if the consultation reveal that you are not Eleriko?

We would do some other Consultation on other part of your life like what must be done for things to go smoothly and which egbe orun you actually belong to.


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