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Every babalawo cannot be your babalawo

Every babalawo cannot be your babalawo

I know we would want to argue with this title but it is the truth and nothing more.

Some people are wicked people, when they see a good babalawo that doesn't want to do evil, they believe the babalawo doesn't know his work.

While some other people who wants legit work only come across evil and wicked babalawo,who will add more problem to their problem.

Other reasons why every babalawo cannot be your babalawo are the following.

Not everyone knows what they do

If you tell some babalawo what you want, they ended up doing something else for you. That means they don't know what to do.

Not every babalawo power can work for you 

Some powers are not good for you 

Babalawo are more powerful than the other

Your choice, if you are not patience.. you are likely to fall for fake babalawo

If you believe in money, you are probably going to fall for those evil babalawo.

If you want something to happen faster than normal, you want it quickly.

You are likely to loved fake babalawo that promise you something within 3 days or so and eventually it would not work .

And many more .

I always take my time , to explain and to also teach.

I always take my time in doing spiritual work. 

I do spiritual work etc based on the days allocated for each ORISA.

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