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Feeding of egbe orun monthly after initiation

Feeding of egbe orun monthly after initiation 

Is that what your egbe orun wants from you?

Are egbe orun hungry that they need us to feed them ?

Before our Initiation are they not eating anything before?

Is it our food that will make a difference?

All the questions above have a simple answer, the answer is No.

Your egbe orun are only Interested in you, your commitment and your presence.

So doing egbe orun initiation is all about recognition, taking full responsibility as a member of egbe Orun .

They want you to know what is happening in the spirit realm and make your impact In it.

But the truth is that people are only looking for zombie, they are looking for who they can order around..

Well, that is why after initiation of egbe Orun things are not working out for you.

Try and change your ways or else no progress.


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