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First law of egbe Orun

First law of egbe Orun

After exploring so many groups and egbe orun as their grand father and spiritual mentor, I came to the understanding of some laws.

Am not leaking this laws but I would just said one particular law out of many laws binding egbe orun.

The law state that.

Every member has the right to see their egbe orun while on earth and especially when they have done the necessary egbe orun initiation.

It is your right to see your egbe orun, though many would not see them due to one or two reasons but if you want to see them.

After your initiation, they would do or give you some concoction that would open your inner eyes so that you can see your egbe orun and also remember your dream.

Many of those who do egbe orun initiation don't do all this for people, they just tell you to pay to feed them monthly and they never cares out your spiritual growth.

Well, even if you have done your egbe orun initiation and you are not seeing them. You know the rule, I can't help you. 

It is left for those who got paid to do initiation for you to finish the Job.

But they won't be able to do it, they themselves can't see or communicate with the egbe orun.

So they can't give what they don't have.

I always ask people, what is your aim and expectations after everything.

This is going to help you know what they actually want.

May be because I was once a marketer , I understand consumers ..

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