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Governance in traditional Yorubà society is hierarchical

Governance in traditional Yorubà society is hierarchical. 

The king is the political and spiritual ruler in the traditional society. The kings are assisted by chiefs in directing the affairs of towns and villages.

 The major chiefs ascend the chieftaincy stools through inheritance, while some are given titles as a mark of honour.

All the chiefs, whether traditional or honorary, work together for the advancement, peace, unity, and progress of the town. The political system of the Yorùbá reflects their cultural unification. 

In contemporary times, the kings are at the mercy of successive ruling state governments which pay their salaries and most of which demand absolute loyalty from the kings.

A king is expected not to travel out of his domain without seeking and obtaining approval from the governor of the state where he resides. Today, kings remain in 
the background, mostly seen but not heard.

With the emergence of colonialism, missionaries and their activities, Christianity and Islam were introduced to Yorùbá society. 

The aftermath of this is that once-valued African traditional religion came to be regarded as fetish practices.

-Bolarinwa abidemi

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