Hearing ODU IFA in your dream

Hearing ODU IFA in your dream 

There are so many reason why you are hearing ODU IFA in your dream, the odu IFA would now be telling you or pointing you to what must be done.

If you are a Christian there is nothing bad in hearing ODU IFA at all. IFA is not evil as you might be lead to believe 

There are many purpose and reason why you are hearing ODU IFA in your dream .

The purpose are the following 

For spiritual guidance,some ODU IFA are for protection and guidance. Once you hear the ODU IFA you would need a babalawo to break it down for you.

Telling you what is wrong with you - Some ODU IFA are telling you what must be done to make things right .

Show you your spiritual level - Some of us are more Spiritual than the other, if you are hearing ODU IFA in your dream,it means you are Spiritually powerful.

While other purpose are..

Some of us are used and the ODU IFA is telling you what you will do to avert the problem.

ODU IFA is not ritual and you must learn to love it as it deal directly with OLODUMARE and it's creation.

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