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How IFA protection bead save my Life

I have a very deep convicton that my spiritual initiation into Ifa and Orisa spirituality has started years ago.

 It was at its peak in 2020 and I had to run to church because that was the only place I knew. 

Back then, I would see things, recieve people and recieve instructions for people which were always accurate. The power was so strong that one of my pastors started calling me a witch 🤣 🤣 🤣 Oh God, i went through series of deliverance, fasting and prayers but nothing happened. 

I would see babalawos in my dream and they would make divinations and explain the odus to me. 

I remember the day I saw the babalawo in my dream before I came fully into Isese. The odu Ifa was Odu "okanran sode". i didnt know the message at the time but I heard the word "Orumila has made a pact with Iku and witches that whenever they come for his children, once they see that bead, they would pass over them".

 I didnt know what to make of it, so I called a friend who is a babalawo. He chanted the odu and told me to "so'de".

 God, i didnt like it!!! I was very comfortable meeting the awos in secret but wearing Ide-ifa was a lot for. I tried to picture what people would say. How my parents would react to it and all. 

I sha gave in o and recieved my ide. I woould hide it between 8 different beads so people won't see it.🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣  

Few weeks later, I became terribly ill. My health deteriorated with speed that I couldnt walk nor stand. If I wanted to urinate, they would bring a potty to the bed. 

Doctors said it was typhoid and malaria. We treated it but there was no improvement. One night, I felt someone entered my room and before I could say anything, he was strangling me {I was asleep but in a trance-like state}.

 I suddenly remembered what the babalawo in my dream told me about my beads.

 I managed to reach my bedside table and quickly put it on. Then went back to sleep.

My mum is a christain but believes that rearing domestic animals has its spiritual benefits. 

When something bad happens to her goats, she would thank God for replacing the lives of her children with that of her goats. 

The following morning after my spiritual battle, it was my sister's noise that woke me up. All our goats had foamed to death overnight. 

Guess what? I stood up same morning and walked!!! My recovery was very rapid like nothing happened.

I have had several encounters like this. One happened few weeks ago which resulted in me scrapping my head of every hair on it.

 I hope I will be permitted to share the story behind it in the nearest future.

Funmilayo Ifakankun

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