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Indiscipline in some Babalawo and Pastors

Indiscipline in some Babalawo and Pastors

I have come across a lot of things that make my head swell and I wish I never hear them.

I have heard stories of Babalawo and spiritualist wanting to get intimate with a female client 

The moment they see some glory on you, they tell you something like you must be an apetebi, you must be the wife of alfa or pastor for your problems to be solve.

Most of it is a lie .

Some spiritualist are so indisciplined that they can't hold themselves together anytime they see a woman.

As a babalawo,you need to be more discipline and serious.

Don't say ORUNMILA married more than one wife and you start misbehaving up and down.

Don't hide behind the ORUNMILA stories and use it to do many evil.

If you have fell in this trap before, am sorry. It's one of their sign that they are fake babalawo.

TB Joshua is gone but look at the blunder the world is saying about him today?

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