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Is IFA for Sale, Many Babalawo would loose their Job

Is IFA for Sale, Many Babalawo would loose their Job

IFA is not for sale, IFA is not for everyone though we all need IFA to guide us through our daily life.

I have seen many people go into IFA because they are told they would be rich if they do IFA initiation.

Was that the real purpose of IFA ?

Many of what I know today was because I have a good teacher and the fact that people always ask me, I would also go in the realm to ask the ORUNMILA, OLOKUN, OSUN or YEMOJA etc. Without forgetting OBATALA.

As much as I am, I hide from people because I know they are not after spirituality, they just want their pocket to be full with money. 

I run away from friends, family and close associates. I live a boring lonely life and am happy cos I know am not alone at all for any seconds.

IFA has started creating a new hybrid of Babalawo and IFA is evolving.

Many people are shouting IFA is taking over the world but they don't know they would be out of job soon as a babalawo.


Because my last discussion with ORUNMILA was that it should never be digitalize no matter what.

It should remain how it has remained but modified .

Many Babalawo would loose their job sooner than you think because IFA would be an inner thing, inner experience where you have to explore the universe after your initiation and you would be having the new hybrid babalawo as mentor or physical guidance to guide you on your path and to make Consultation for you where needed .

So technically some babalawo would be jobless as they can't go in the spirit realm and come back, how can they teach their followers ?

The Era of the book of account is coming to an end.

And all book of account are going to be close soon such that no spiritual work in any book will be as effective as before.

I had a call from a priestess In an European country today, and I must say it is something entirely.

They think we need to put more articles in the net for people to read and I ask, why can't we see Chinese ying yang Spirituality on the internet, why cant we see all about illuminati, budha etc and their secrets on the net? Why IFA ?

So I took up the challenge, went to ORUNMILA temple in the spiritual realm, have a good talk with ORUNMILA. He then open my eyes to see what he has in plan.

See, if you want to stay relevant in IFA ,you need to learn to travel the spirit realm.

I don't have anything or knowledge to give to any man, all I can give you is show you the true path to spirit realm. 

If you are pure enough, they show you the way.

Don't forget 90% of what you read online is Faaaaaaaakeeeee

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