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Is it necessary to do offerings every month or week?

Is it necessary to do offerings every month or week?

Why would you do offering every week?

If you are an IFA initiate and you have your own ORISA, there is no crime to do offering to your ORISA every week or every day or every month because it is your ORISA and you can decide when to feed it and how to feed it .

But if you are just a client or student who is seeking spiritual guidance and one babalawo says you should be feeding or one babalawo is charging money every week for feeding of ORISA or charging you money weekly for Ebo and sacrifice. Just know that you have been scammed and exploited by a fake babalawo.

As a client or IFA student and learner, you can make it a duty to consult IFA at three month interval or 6 month interval to know the mind of IFA for you 

Also you can consult IFA before you make any decisions and for guidance.

But paying a babalawo or iyanifa weekly to do Ebo for you is a scam and exploitation.

Many who are in the diaspora are more susceptible to this because they have no idea that they have been exploited .

Those who are not in Nigeria and out side the country Nigeria are facing this issue and they came to me to ask this question.

I think I have done justice to it 

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