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Is there any special dress for iyanifa

Is there any special dress for iyanifa 

Yes, Iyanifas often wear special attire that reflects their spiritual and cultural significance. The specific dress can vary, but it typically includes traditional Yoruba clothing and accessories that symbolize their role as spiritual leaders. This may include:

White cloth. Iyanifa are used to wearing white cloth which signify purity and in once accord with ORUNMILA.

Beads: Iyanifa are used to wearing beads around their neck and hands, to promote tradition, for protection etc. Beads hold cultural and spiritual significance in Yoruba tradition. Iyanifas may adorn themselves with beaded necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, each carrying specific meanings and representing their spiritual connection.

Ornaments and Symbols: Iyanifas often wear various ornaments and symbols that signify their spiritual authority. This may include sacred necklaces, rings, and other accessories with specific meanings within the Ifa tradition.

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