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Online babalawo and the fear it brings

Online babalawo and the fear it brings 


Every babalawo now has a shop online to make money .

So those all the scammers too, they want to make money.

But then the fake babalawo because if their good pr job and publicity,they tend to have many followers and those numbers decieve a lot of people.

They think OLODUMARE answers prayer through the number of fake followers you have?

So the fake babalawo with a very large numbers of followers got all the job,the contract, the spiritual work .

And if their work doesn't work, you blame all babalawo and call them fakes.

My brother, You are the one that is carried away with numbers 

Problem of online Babalawo are not limited to the followings

Many are scammers 

Many don't know what they do

Many give false narrative and Information 

Well, I can't talk more than this .

I have seen Those who called themselves OSUN children displaying a giant snake etc 

I wonder if OSUN is snake related, those are one of my reasons for writing about OSUN and Eleriko.

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