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ORUNMILA amplify that ORI (inner head) is bigger than any ORISA

ORUNMILA amplify that ORI (inner head) is bigger than any ORISA

One day Qrunmila gathered all the gods together and posed to them the question: 

'(Who can accompany his devotee on a distant journey over the seas without deserting him at any stage13). 

Sango the thunder god, and the boldest of all gods, was the first to take up the challenge.

He said that he could go with any of his devotees to any place without looking back. 

The other gods then asked him what
he would do if on his journey with his devotee, he arrived at Koso, the home of his fathers. 

Sango answered that he would
first of all call at his home.

 Then the other gods said that if he called at his home, that meant deserting his devotee and breaking his promise. 

One by one, all the gods boastfully answered the question posed by Orunmila. 

The question was also posed to Qrunmlla himself and he likewise answered the question boastfully. 

The gods then became confused and they complained that they did not understand the meaning of Orunmila's parable.

 They therefore begged him to unfold its meaning tothem.

In his explanation, Orunmila said that only Ori, every person's Ori, could accompany everyone to the farthest place on earth without turning back

Ori is depicted as a god more sympathetic to human beings than all other gods. Since every man's Ori is his personal god, he is more interested in the welfare of the individual than the other gods. 

Therefore, if an individual is in need of anything, he should first of all make his
desires known to his Ori before he approaches any other god for assistance. 

If a man's Ori is not in sympathy with his cause, no god will sympathize with him and consequently he wiD not have the things he wants. 

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