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Other taboos you need to watch out for as Omo Omi

Other taboos you need to watch out for as Omo Omi

I have written quiet a number of article on Omo Omi, egbe orun etc.

I said in those article that Omo Omi should try and stop eating draw soup or draw food like okro, ewedu etc.

This draw food reduce your spiritual strength in the spiritual realm,it would make you weak and any attack on you in the spiritual realm will hit you harder than you think because you would be Spiritually weak to defend yourself.

In addition to not eating draw food, you need to run away from eating snakes and catfish.

This are ladies favourite food. Some lady cannot do without eating catfish pepper soup.

Please do a findings on who you are and stop eating your taboo so that life would not be hard for you .

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