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Spiritual battle between AJE NLA and other Spiritualist


Spiritual battle between AJE NLA and other Spiritualist

I tried as much as possible to do the task that was giving to me by my Father OBATALA, I knew I would get some enemies along the line but I never knew it would be this soon or faster.

I have supervised and teach from afar some client on how to do their restoration. I guide them on which plant to pluck and what time to pluck those herbs, I guide them on how to do the soap and also guide them on when to have their bath etc.

Few of those client didn't know that am also there in the spirit realm . A woman who has a spiritual sight called me and said AJE NLA while I was praying with the concentration that I prepared, I saw you wearing white and standing by my side to give authority to the prayers. I laughed.

Yet another person claimed when she was in the bathroom bathing, she saw IYAAMI guiding and protecting her till she finished bathing, I know I can't be there when a woman is having her bath, but the great mothers IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO can be there.

Someone claimed while she was bathing, a man in an occultic white appear and was asking, who gave you this spiritual work to do, the man almost struct her in the bathroom but all thanks to IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO for their strong protection.

A client called me and said that he met a babalawo that promise him million in 7 days if he could do some stuff, the client refused because the client told the fake babalawo that whatever the babalawo want to to or has been doing is not according to the spiritual law.

A client from outside the country also shared his experience on how he has spent more than 50milliom on spiritual work and yet nothing happened. He only wished he had knew me in those dark hour and not now when things are worsen.

While I tried all I can to do what I can, I also noticed some babalawo website copying my blog post without reference. I already told the owner, the wrath of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO is coming sooner than you think.

I obviously make enemies as I progress in my journey and I have been warned and have  prepared.

I already dedicated this year for IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO for their cleansing of fake spiritual people like babalawo, iyalawo, iyanifa, pastors, Muslim clerics and etc . It was a big feast that we have to invite all the IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO from all over the world to join us in the cleansing that would happen in this year 2024.

If you have been following, I wrote that 2024 is the year of evil and I also wrote that 2024 is for IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO. This are hints but I knew people would only go and look for them because I mentioned it here

After some days into the new year, I was outside playing with my children when a strange breeze blew, I knew something is wrong somewhere.

It was some men who claimed to be in one occultic group or some sort that enter the inner sanctum of the spiritual realm, a place they are not supposed to be.

I switched side and I enter the realm at an instance while am still sitting down in one conner of my room .

According to this strange men, they claimed am spoiling their work, they said a lot of things about me and they are prepared to deal with me.

As if I knew this day would come, I already host a feast of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO in the beginning of this year , so that power would be controlled and no person in the world would have access to power, nobody in the world would use power for any evil act because this year is all about cleansing and killing of bad Spiritualist and people. It is a year of revenge and blood will flow.

Back to what happened.

Anger of fire arouse within me and as I swift my hand, thunder and lightening from SANGO olukoso Oko OYA flows through me and it burnt down two people out of those who claimed to come and beat me.

My body turned to flame, I was already on Fire.

I step forward for battle, I was restricted by another father of mine. The great OLOKUN, my spiritual guidance and protector, he cast a spell on me that I couldn't move my body again. His reason was best known to him. He said, AJE NLA you have already struct down two men.

My Mother Yeye OSUN heard my voice from the deep of the sea, she was already there.

While I was restricted by OLOKUN not to fight at the very moment, OSUN was there to make sure that I calm down.

It really pain me that they escape their death .

Those men flew like chicken, I wonder who dash them power thinking that they can fight all men.

I wasn't happy but I know it's for the best, another war is coming and I know, we are giving them the fire from the cave and mouth of Aganju.

Am AJE NLA, spiritual traveller and protector of secrets of the other realms .

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