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The evil the church has done to you and your Egbe Orun

The evil the church has done to you and your Egbe Orun 

The moment the church see someone with a talent or extra ordinary spirit, they always find a way to convinced them that those spirit following them are bad.

They would lure you and tell you that you are possessed and you need deliverance.

That is their hand work.

Have seen many spirit and have live a million years with them,I don't think they are bad in Amy way.

Unknown for you, those church deliverance would bring separation to you and those who are supposed to be your helper .

The church would lock you up for days in the same of doing deliverance for you, some church would use broom to beat the hell out of you.

For what exactly? They claim that you have evil spirit or Spiritual husband or some sort of things .

The truth is that you don't have any evil spirit , neither do you have any spiritual husband somewhere.

All what they are seeing are your egbe orun, it is not all egbe orun that wear white , many be your egbe orun are not wearing white as supposed to being a good spirit .

Because your egbe orun are not wearing white, your pastor would claimed that they are evil spirits.

Please if your church as done something like this for you while you are growing up, they have chased away those people and spirit who are supposed to help your life and make life easy for you.

You may think at that time that the church are doing you a favor but they are not .

While I was preparing for this article, my wife laugh and told me her bad experience in the hand of Pastors and how she has been beating many times with broom , stick and all sort of things in the name of casting out demon.

Some pastor even claim that she has Spiritual husband... Lol.

Train your child and enlightened your self so that your child would not fall victim 

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