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The hidden Power for each egbe orun - Your Power as an egbe orun Member

The hidden Power for each egbe orun - Your Power as an egbe orun Member

Yes,you have some kind of power as an active member of egbe Orun.

Do you know that you can actually looked into someone's mind and see what they are thinking?

If someone is trying hard to get or do you evil, you can actually summon your egbe orun to deal with that person.

So I have a friend of mine whose husband has decided to Mal treat her, so I advice her why don't you summon your egbe orun and torment this guy.

She asked can we do this?

I said yes. We can do all sort of things just that we don't want to expose people to the power aspect of it because of the bad / evil nature of so many people.

I told her,you can tell your egbe orun to go and stole all his money.

He would just notice that money is always missing and he would cry and cry and start going from one babalawo to another. 

Lol , what a great torment it would be.

I know, I once dated a girl back in school that does that to me too. Anytime we had a quarrel she would summon her egbe orun to come and stole all my money .

I once teach a student and because I beat him, I couldn't sleep at night. He gathered all his egbe orun to come and beat me. Can you imagine?

But they can't do that now, it them try am. They would grow tail.

I had one stories of one pastor that went to do egbe orun initiation for someone at the river bank, but the egbe orun beat the hell out of the Pastor for not saluting the egbe orun.

The pastor was begging for mercy and was brought to us where we have to do some sacrifice for the egbe orun to calm down and desist from beating the pastor .


Whew, egbe orun is not just an egbe.

It's a a power making machine for those who know the rules and laws guiding it.

The power aspect of it, we don't expose it and many of you don't know.

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